About Us

The California Beach Lifestyle

Perry's Café and Beach Rentals represents “California Beach Lifestyle.”  An icon on the Santa Monica beach scene for 40 years,  Perry’s at the Beach serves delicious and healthy  food crafted from our chef’s own recipes and offers a myriad of  rentals  for the active beach-goer to include bikes, surf equipment, chairs, umbrellas, and  more. Perry’s is Los Angeles' Beach Culture.

Perry’s at the Beach is the premier oasis beach destination.
Perry’s at the Beach is family owned and operated.
Perry’s at the Beach serves local produce with a focus on organic and sustainable.
Perry’s at the Beach is a huge community partner.
Perry’s at the Beach is even more- Custom parties and group gatherings, BBQ’s, Beach Butler,  and  Legend’s Bike Tours.

Perry’s contributes to the wealth of the surrounding community. We are a conscious company with family and long term employees who dedicate themselves to create a “beachy” experience for all. We are ever- growing to fill your beach lifestyle.
We are here to serve YOU. 


Perry’s Café and Rentals almost single-handedly developed the beach along the bike path. We are one of few providing services to the public with a hands-on, caring attitude for patrons and the business community.  

In 1977 Perry’s started as two small, seasonal pizza stands with a short menu serving the local sun worshiper and swimmer. Perry’s grew over the years to multiple locations to offer its present day innovations with a diverse menu and just about anything for the active beach lifestyle. Perry’s and its affiliates now comprise of 9 locations from Santa Monica to Torrance.  Bikes, skates, boogie boards, surfboards, and a retail section to sell blades and beach sundries were added to create options.  Build it and they will come.  Our customers - regular patrons and tourists - want to spend a day relaxing, listening to soothing music café-side, watching the vibrant beach scene, dipping their toes in the ocean, or being a part of the active lifestyle. 

In 1993, we built 14 volleyball courts on the beach at 4 locations for public enjoyment. By 1995, we hosted customized catered group parties or events designed in collaboration with our event staff.  In 2004 we launched our guided historical Legend’s Bike Tour of Santa Monica and Venice Beach.  “A Must DO” experience states the L.A. Times. Our Beach Butler, also known as “A Day at the Beach”, provides chairs, umbrellas, and food service along the shore since 2007 for special dates or families who want to enjoy the sun and water without lifting a finger. Surfboard and stand-up paddle board rentals were added in 2010.  Perry’s started a beach concierge program with Shutters and hosted its first annual volleyball tournament in 2013.  It was well attended and a huge success.  In the future, Perry’s will be a major participant in the bike share program.  

Perry’s contributes to the wealth of its surrounding community by fulfilling the evolving needs and desires of the public. Every dollar invested brings improved benefits to the prior lacking and limited beach experience. Our community outreach supports charitable fundraisers and other events such as the Diabetes Walk, Pancreatic Cancer Walk, American Heart Association, Breast Cancer Walk, Heal the Bay, and many others.  We care. We have a community and humanity heart.  As stewards of the beach, we help Santa Monica to be one of the world’s 10 best beaches by enriching beach life. We now have an award winning chef and our company has won several awards to include the 2013 Santa Monica Chamber Best Business Man Award and 2014 Sustainable Business Grand Prize.